Royal Collection 

We're super excited to announce the launching of our new 'B-E-A CAMPAIGN! The purpose of this campaign is to aspiring individuals who are beginning or starting in the entrepreneur business sector. With our Royal Collection Gold Karat Bar! 

 Launched for the purpose of couples to unify and symbolize strong and healthy Marriages! Experience the luxurious feel and fragrance of the Royal Collection! Male bar infused with natural oils and Burberry fragrance. Female Bar infused with natural oils and Peonies. 

In celebration of our 7 year Wedding Anniversary!

"Love is a scent we all share, stay in the midst of moisture." Love the smell of your skin! 

Something to always smile about!

This campaign is in honor of our son Derrick Jr. Shot and killed at 10-months old. Proceeds will help assist mothers or families that are victims and survivors of Gun-Violence. Funds will also be used to enhance our mentor programs to help assist and aid urban communities & small business.